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Auction Room

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  • Free

  • Entry plan with exposure to secondary auctions
  • Enquiries priced from £30
  • No subscribed locations
  • No commitment to purchase leads
  • Leads telephone qualified
  • SEO optimised public profile page
  • Weekly payment in arrears terms
  • Leads sold on an exclusive basis
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Beat the crowd and upgrade to Auction Room+ from £60 per location

Pro Advisor

£ 0 / per month

  • Free

  • Appointments booked into your diary. Only pay for appointments that take place
  • Appointments telephone qualified
  • Weekly payment in arrears terms
  • Appointments sold on an exclusive basis
  • Dedicated account manager

Frequently asked questions

Financial advisors have unique access to telephone qualified leads that are routed through a daily online auction. The advisor makes a bid based on the financial question asked by the prospect, the postcode and portfolio size. 

There is also a buy out price feature enabling the advisor to purchase the lead immediately and close the auction. The mornings are the busiest times. Auctions typically last 2 hours. 

 Auction Room Pro Advisor Financial Advisor Direct
Monthly fee Optional upgrade under +NoneNone
Yearly  quantityN/A60 or 120240 or 360
Monthly agreed volumeNoneYesYes
DepositNone£500 None
(weekly in arrears 
payment terms)
Conversion data33%50-60%15% to 20%
Average fund size£311,000£255,000£180,000
CostAuctions range from 
£30 to £500+.
Based on bands. 
Please call 
020 3468 4215
Financial leads from £120
Mortgage leads from £30
Notice periodN/AOne monthOne month
Auction Details (Pro Advisor plan qualified to same level)Final Bid Price (No VAT as in Gibraltar)
Roger and his wife are in their early 70's and looking for
Inheritance Tax Planning advice. They have an estate with a
value of over £1 million, including their own house and 2
rental properties. They have 2 children over 18. They have
not put any plans in place yet.
Meg is aged 62 and her husband Glyn is 65. They have
£150,000 in banks and building societies earning low rates
of interest and they would like to discuss what other
options are available to them that could generate a greater
return. Glyn also has a SIPP with Organon Trustees with a
total value of £650,000 of which £420,000 is in cash and
he would like advice on what is best to do with the cash
element in terms of future growth and income as recent
performance has been disappointing. He plans to retire in
December next year. Happy to receive advice on a remote
basis but they would like an independent advisor.
Aged 41 and looking for investment advice. Her and her
husband have £100,000 currently in banks and building
societies earning very little interest and they are open to
ideas of different options that may attract a better return.
They would be looking for growth and income. Happy to
receive advice on a remote basis and the best time to call
is after 5.30pm.
Aged 40 and just inherited in the region of £125,000 from
her parents and is looking for advice on what is best to do
wit the monies. She has never been in this position before
so is open to ideas and suggestions. Happy to receive advice
on a remote basis but would like an independent advisor.
Retired couple ages 69 & 74. They have an investment fund of
£250,000 on the Novia Platform that is managed by a large
wealth management company, they are concerned that their
funds have been decreasing a lot over the past 4 years and
they think this due to the high fees they are being charged.
They would like to review their funds and change advisors if
they can ensure their investments will perform better than
currently, looking for maximum capital growth & income, long
Aged 55 and employed. She has several frozen pensions with
various providers with a combined value in excess of
£50,000 and would like to know what is the best way forward
in terms of should she leave them as they are, transfer them
into one scheme and what are her income options. She also
recently lost her mother and when her house sells she will
receive in the region of £160,000 so will be looking for
investment advice at a later date. She is happy to receive
advice on a remote basis.
Age 49, he has a frozen money purchase pension scheme from
previous employment £70,000 which he would like to review
to ensure the scheme is performing as well as possible. He
also has a current employers scheme 17 years contributions.
He would like discuss contributing more to pension funds,
possibly £1,000 per month. He is a Software Developer,
salary £52,000 pa. Can accept a call this afternoon or
Couple in their mid 50's. They will inherit £100-£200,000
from his Mother-in-Laws estate within the next couple of
months and would like advice on how to make the best use of
this money. They already have £100,000 in various ISAs and
savings accounts and are open to discussing investments to
achieve more capital growth than they are currently getting.
They both have pensions in place and would also consider
paying more into their pensions. He is a University
Professor his wife is self-employed, their household income
is £110,000 pa.
Age 42, she has £20,000 in a current account earning no
interest and wants advice on savings and investments that
will achieve much better returns, long term 10+ years. She
is also thinking of starting to save £200 per month on a
regular basis & may wish to contribute to a pension. She is
a teacher, salary £28,000 pa. Please call after 3.30pm.
Aged 59 and has various frozen defined contribution pension
schemes with various providers, with a combined value in the
region of £350,000. He is looking for advice on the best
way forward with these plans in terms of tax efficiency, tax
free lump sum options and how best to take future income.
The best time to call him is on a Monday or Wednesday
evening (Not the 7th) after 6pm. He is happy to receive
advice on a remote basis.
Age 55, she has £206,000 in various ISAs, bank and building
society accounts earning very little interest. She would
like advice on investments that will achieve more capital
growth than she is currently getting and also thinking of
saving around £500 per month on a regular basis. She is
also open to discussing setting up a personal pension and
the tax benefits associated with doing so. She works in the
Civil Service, salary £79,000 pa and being more tax
efficient with her savings and income is also an important
factor. She is mortgage free. Happy to receive remote
Age 43, he runs a property company and is a property
developer and landlord, he owns 10 rental properties and is
also building a property in St Lucia which will be worth
£400-£500,000 when completed. His residential property is
valued at £400,000. He is married with 7 children and wants
to ensure that his assets are protected and passed on to his
children in the future. He wants to discuss life insurance
and possibly trust funds for his children. He has a BT
pension, contributed for 10 years and savings in the bank


We will be back!! We got some good business from it as some feed back. I just need the team back in the office to justify spending the money. We trailed 3 companies and your leads were the best.
Steve Urry – Forge Financial - Scunthorpe - Mortgage Leads

Professionalism, Quality, Value
Martin Goldwater - Goldwater Mortgage And Protection Advice Ltd - Hertfordshire - Mortgage Leads

Good number of leads at good prices
Andrew Nicholas - Portal Wealth Management - Liverpool - Mortgage Leads

Great service, never an issue with volume and always deliver on time, RMT have helped my grow my business for the last 10 months and they have been great at assisting my needs, highly recommended!!!
Ashlee Reid - Mortgage Advisor - Essex - Mortgage Leads

The online leads have been good and compare well with what is out there. The problem I have with leads is that I am very good at getting appointments and then business. The ones I have done so far I would say I should get a 30% success rate at least.
Charles Rollo - One Wealth Management - Glasgow - IFA Leads / Pension Leads

Worked with RMT Group for 5 months now, find then to be a straight talking company that play by the rules. I'm converting around 27.5% of the leads I receive from them. Would like more leads from them and hope to have a long term relationship.Gary Howes - Director - Steel River Financial Ltd - Middlesbrough - Equity Release Leads

My experience with RMT has been very positive with a combination of excellent service from all the team and high quality online leads sent to me, reliably and regularly allowing me to focus on building client relationships.
Robert Rose - Partner / Principle - Rose Associates Financial Planning - Essex - IFA Leads / Pension Leads

I have taken pension appointments from RMT over the last 2 years and have found their appointments excellent. I have 28 years experience as a financial adviser and can categorically state that I have a 99% conversation rate(yes it is 99% I am very good at my job) and average income per appointment in excess of £2500 which also includes other types of business transacted with the client. There may be times when the appointment does not happen with clients cancelling the appointment for whatever reason but RMT are diligent in reappointing. Keep up the good work and look forward to more profitable appointment now and in the future. If anyone who wants to use RMT please contact me if you want to verify or discuss.
Peter C. Sykes - Financial Advisor - Yorkshire

I have been working with RMT Group for some time, they are an integral part of my business and consistently provide me with good quality leads. Recently a client has praised Ann for her excellent telephone manner and communication skills and I wish to continue to benefit from a long term relationship.
Peter Shepherd - Stockwell & Bentley Associates - Middlesex

Provided good level of service and easy to fix any issues.
Keith Roseburgh - Director - Keith Roseburgh Financial - Edinburgh

We are finding your company is excellent to work with so are keen to continue, naturally!
Chris Bennett - Marketing & Development Director - Ashwood Law Wealth Management - Leicestershire

RMT Direct Leads provides a professional service that is thorough for both the client and myself. The actual appointment making is second to none for booking and follow-up.
David Rogers - Cheshire Wealth Partnership - Cheshire

Excellent service and way ahead of competitors, client feedback is very positive. Please do not let the standards drop.
Chandan Hinduja - True Potential Wealth Management - Middlesex

I use RMT Direct Leads for pension leads in my area, the calls are of good quality and the feedback regarding the sales staff is very positive. I have increased my income since using their services. I highly recommend them.
Mark Horner DipPFS - Estate Asset Management - South Wales

What I like is the low number of no shows as clients generally call or text to cancel appointment, saving me a wasted journey. Appointment quality is generally good, with nearly all clients happy to review all areas of finances with a number of needs that I am able to address.
Imran Ashraf - Wealth Management Consultant - Guildford

The quality of notes is great. Very accurate and it is evident that the appointment maker is having good conversations with the prospect.
Vinny Lall - The Chambers Partnership - Macclesfield

Its the wheel of fortune with your services, some you win some you lose. But you have to average it all out in the end and then it makes sense.
Richard Paylor - HIA International - Bedford

Since I began taking appointments from RMT in 2014, I have had a steady supply of appointments relating mainly to pension reviews. Overall, I have been very happy with the quality of these appointments and they have been invaluable in helping to build up my client bank over the past year. Whilst the size of the pension pots vary considerably, I would say that on average, I generate around £10,000 to £15,000 worth of fees per 10 appointments (costing around £3,500). With my last 10 appointments, I expect to write business generating something in the region of £13,000 in initial fees and many of these clients will go on to become long term clients, paying on-going advice fees.
Graham Thompson - Huntington Ross - York

We worked with RMT Direct Leads for almost 2 years and were always happy with their professional, organised and fair approach to pension lead generation. The area-specific appointment leads are well qualified and clients were informed and engaged from outset. Client cancellations were flagged in good time avoiding wasted trips for our advisers and the teams are a pleasure to deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Chris Simpson - CIB Retirement Solutions - Kent

I have been using RMT for over a year and what I like about the service is the qualification process where most final salary schemes, occupational schemes and low fund values are vetted out so you do not have many wasted trips compared to other lead companies I have used. This service has increased my overall income and allowed me to focus on giving advice.
Denny Holland - Charles Derby - Suffolk

A colleague of mine (Alex Palmer) has been using your companies services for the past couple of weeks and has spoken very highly of the level of professionalism you and the company have provide so far. As a result I would be very interested in opening up a campaign of my own which would include an initial order of 6 appointments much like Alex.
Raffaele Castaldo - Moorland Mayfair Wealth Management - Cardiff

I wanted to give feedback clients comments regarding contact.

Client has had previous dealings with many lead generation companies and said the person he spoke too was one of the best he’d come across. He was impressed with his communication skills around the process and punctuality of call backs that the client needed to arrange.

Client said it was a pleasure to receive a cold call from someone who spoke well and was very professional.

If you could pass on these comments and my thanks as client has over £xxxk in pensions to review.
Christopher Crompton DipFA - Wealth Management Advisor - Manchester

My name is James Paul and I have worked alongside RMT since October 2014. Back then I had only recently started out as an IFA and I was eager to grow my business quickly. I did not really have the time to wait for my relationships with other industry professionals to start showing some fruit by means of them referring their clients to me. I wanted to see clients as soon as possible. I found out about them online after I had become frustrated dealing with other companies that did the same thing. I did not want to rely on one company to book appointments for me because I could end up not seeing any one if they weren’t any good. The difference is most of the other companies made me pay for the appointments up front, only for them to cancel and leave me out of pocket while they promise to replace it. This would go on for weeks at a time. After a while, I found that not only were RMT good at book appointments, and filling my diary, the feedback I would get about their staff from the prospects was that they were always professional, I have made it work for me so that I have only been using RMTs appointment booking service over the past few years.

Since October 2014 I have spent just over £40,000 with RTM in them helping me to grow my business and acquire new clients.

Since I started with them I have made just under £130,000 from just adviser fees alone and I have made some great new relations with new clients that add value to my business.

I would again, and have done in the past, recommended them to other advisers who have been wanting to grow their business.

I have enjoyed my journey with RMT and I genuinely thank them for being consistent in booking appointments for me over the years, and for their professionalism in dealing with nervous prospects.
James Paul - Wealth Manager - West Midlands

Yes, you can subscribe per location for £60 per month. Any auctions that are generated in your subscribed location, you will be notified by text and invited to the auction. Only subscribed users will be able to bid.  This is called Auction Room+.

If the lead is not sold, it would then go out to a second auction to non-subscribed users.

Subscription LocationsPostcodes
Highlands AB (Aberdeenshire), DD (Angus), HS (Isle of Lewis), IV (lnverness-shire), KW (Caithness),  PA (Renfrewshire), PH (Perthshire), ZE (Shetland Islands), 
Central BeltEH (Midlothian), FK (Stirlingshire), KY (Fife), G (Lanarkshire), ML (Lanarkshire)
Scottish Borders, Dumfries & GallowayDG (Dumfriesshire), KA (Ayrshire), TD (Selkirkshire)
North EastDH (County Durham), DL (County Durham),  NE (Tyne and Wear), SR (Tyne and Wear), TS (Cleveland)
CumbriaCA (Cumbria)
Lancashire & MerseysideBB (Lancashire), BL (Lancashire), FY (Lancashire), M (Lancashire), LA (Lancashire), OL (Lancashire), PR (Lancashire) WN (Lancashire), L (Merseyside)
Cheshire & StaffordshireCH (Cheshire), CW (Cheshire), SK (Cheshire),  WA (Cheshire), ST (Staffordshire)
North Yorkshire & HumbersideHG (North Yorkshire), HU (North Humberside), YO (North Yorkshire)
West YorkshireBD (West Yorkshire), HD (West Yorkshire), HX (West Yorkshire), LS (West Yorkshire), WF (West Yorkshire)
South YorkshireDN (South Yorkshire), S (South Yorkshire)
East MidlandsDE (Derbyshire), LE (Leicestershire), NG (Nottinghamshire), NN (Northamptonshire), LN (Lincolnshire)
West MidlandsB (West Midlands), CV (West Midlands), DY (West Midlands), WS (West Midlands), WV (West Midlands), 
Herefordshire, Worcestershire, GloucestershireHR (Herefordshire), WR (Worcestershire), GL (Gloucestershire)
North Wales & ShropshireLL (Clwyd), SY (Shropshire), TF (Shropshire)
South WalesCF (South Glamorgan), LD (Powys), NP (Gwent), SA (West Glamorgan)
East AngliaCB (Cambridgeshire), IP (Suffolk), NR (Norfolk), PE (Cambridgeshire)
Central & West LondonEC (City of London), W (West London), WC (West Central)
Herts, Beds & BucksAL (Hertfordshire), HP (Hertfordshire), SG (Hertfordshire), WD (Hertfordshire), LU (Bedfordshire), MK (Buckinghamshire), SL (Buckinghamshire)
North & North West LondonN (North London), NW (North London), EN (Middlesex), HA (Middlesex), UB (Middlesex)
Essex and East LondonCM (Essex), CO (Essex), IG (Essex), RM (Essex), SS (Essex), E (East London)
South LondonTW (Middlesex), SW (South West London), SE (South East London)
Kent & East SussexBR (Kent), CT (Kent), DA (Kent), ME (Kent), TN (Kent), BN (East Sussex)
Surrey CR (Surrey), GU (Surrey), KT (Surrey), RH (Surrey), SM (Surrey)
South CentralOX (Oxfordshire), RG (Berkshire), PO (Hampshire & Isle of Wight), SO (Hampshire)
South WestSN (Wiltshire), SP (Wiltshire), BA (Somerset), TA (Somerset), BS (City of Bristol), BH (Dorset), DT (Dorset)
West CountryEX (Devon), PL (Devon), TQ (Devon), TR (Cornwall)
Northern IrelandBT (Northern Ireland)
Remote Advice Postcodes
ScotlandAB (Aberdeenshire), DD (Angus), DG (Dumfriesshire), EH (Midlothian), FK (Stirlingshire), G (Lanarkshire), HS (Isle of Lewis), IV (lnverness-shire), KA (Ayrshire), KW (Caithness), KY (Fife),  ML (Lanarkshire), PA (Renfrewshire),  PH (Perthshire),  TD (Selkirkshire), ZE (Shetland Islands)
North EastDH (County Durham), DL (County Durham), NE (Tyne and Wear), SR (Tyne and Wear),  TS (Cleveland)
North West BB (Lancashire), BL (Lancashire), CA (Cumbria), CH (Cheshire), CW (Cheshire), FY (Lancashire), L (Merseyside), LA (Lancashire), M (Lancashire), OL (Lancashire),  PR (Lancashire), SK (Cheshire), WA (Cheshire),  WN (Lancashire)
Yorkshire & HumbersideBD (West Yorkshire), DN (South Yorkshire),HD (West Yorkshire), HG (North Yorkshire), HU (North Humberside), HX (West Yorkshire), LS (West Yorkshire), S (South Yorkshire), YO (North Yorkshire), WF (West Yorkshire)
East Midlands DE (Derbyshire), LE (Leicestershire), LN (Lincolnshire), NN (Northamptonshire), NG (Nottinghamshire)
West MidlandsB (West Midlands), CV (West Midlands), DY (West Midlands), HR (Herefordshire), ST (Staffordshire), TF (Shropshire), WR (Worcestershire), WS (West Midlands), WV (West Midlands)
WalesCF (South Glamorgan), LD (Powys), LL (Clwyd), NP (Gwent), SA (West Glamorgan), SY (Shropshire)
East of England AL (Hertfordshire), CB (Cambridgeshire), CM (Essex), CO (Essex), IP (Suffolk), LU (Bedfordshire), NR (Norfolk), PE (Cambridgeshire), SG (Hertfordshire), SS (Essex)
South East BN (East Sussex), CT (Kent), GU (Surrey),  HP (Hertfordshire), ME (Kent), MK (Buckinghamshire), OX (Oxfordshire), PO (Hampshire & Isle of Wight), RG (Berkshire), RH (Surrey), SL (Buckinghamshire), SO (Hampshire), TN (Kent)
Greater LondonBR (Kent),  CR (Surrey), DA (Kent), E (East London), EC (City of London), EN (Middlesex), HA (Middlesex), IG (Essex), KT (Surrey), N (North London), NW (North West London), RM (Essex), SE (South East London), SM (Surrey), SW (South West London), TW (Middlesex), UB (Middlesex), W (West London), WC (West Central),  WD (Hertfordshire)
South West BA (Somerset), BH (Dorset), BS (City of Bristol), DT (Dorset), EX (Devon), GL (Gloucestershire),  PL (Devon), SN (Wiltshire), SP (Wiltshire), TA (Somerset), TQ (Devon), TR (Cornwall)
Northern Ireland BT (Northern Ireland)

All leads on the Auction Room and Pro Advisor plans are all telephoned qualified. Through this process, we filter out or ‘bin’ around 80% of the leads at source, through either a poor quality enquiry or not enough funds or income. 

All General Financial Advice leads are filtered out of the Financial Advisor Direct plan. This represents around 23% of the leads.

NOTE: All figures quoted in the website refers to the past and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. All testimonials are fully accurate and have not been amended.

The financial promotion was produced internally by RMT Group Limited. The financial promotion will only be distributed within the United Kingdom. The financial promotion is not for a registered fund. Details of how the communications will be distributed are as follows: The financial promotion is available via search engines and to the general public. RMT Group Limited is not authorised or regulated by the FCA. 

RSK WARNING: The client's capital is at risk as RMT Group Limited cannot guarantee any business written within a small timeframe such as a single batch order of leads.



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