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Regulated Advice bidding platform

Want telephone qualified leads where you control when, what and how much to pay for a lead with zero commitment. Give it a go today by completing the short form, it’s free to start building your profile and start bidding on the Regulated Advice platform with no monthly contract.

Powerful tools

Powerful tools

Regulated Advice members have access to powerful tools that will build confidence with advisors using the platform.

  1. Using Google Maps Travel Time, the google travel time sensor provides real time, travel time using the Google Distance Matrix API. This gives users accurate travel time between the user's postcode and the advisor. The allows users to consider advisors that are further out than they normally would, therefore increasing the size of the advisor's catchment area and increasing the chance of an advisor netting a direct enquiry. Other platforms use distance as a matrix. Thirty miles may not sound local, but thirty minutes ‘up the road’ is very doable. After all, it can sometimes take 20 mins to travel from one side of town to the other.
  2. Download 5 star match rating certificates or website badges for use on websites and email signatures.
  3. Post case studies to the site and build your match rating score in the areas of advice that you wish to attract enquiries in.
  4. Build your profile and post testimonials to your profile without having to wait for clients to post reviews.


Auction Room

Financial advisors have unique access to leads that are routed through a daily online auction. Here advisors can bid on telephone qualified financial advisor leads. The advisor simply makes a bid based on the financial question asked by the prospect, their postcode and their portfolio size. There is also a buy out price feature enabling the advisor to purchase the lead immediately and close the auction. Around 50% of auctions are closed via the buy out button.

All auction leads are telephone qualified for the following two reasons:

  1. To grade the lead and to set a reserve price and buy out price that matches the quality of the lead.
  2. To speak to the prospect stating when the advisor will be making contact, therefore allowing time for the auction to take place.

Auction times - We operate auctions throughout the business day (mornings, early afternoons most busiest). Auctions last typically 1 hour, although 50% are closed earlier than 1 hours due to the buy out button being activated.


Auction DetailsFinal Bid Price (No VAT as in Gibraltar)
Roger and his wife are in their early 70's and looking for Inheritance Tax Planning advice. They have an estate with a value of over £1 million, including their own house and 2 rental properties. They have 2 children over 18. They have not put any plans in place yet.£120
Meg is aged 62 and her husband Glyn is 65. They have £150,000 in banks and building societies earning low rates of interest and they would like to discuss what other options are available to them that could generate a greater return. Glyn also has a SIPP with Organon Trustees with a total value of £650,000 of which £420,000 is in cash and he would like advice on what is best to do with the cash element in terms of future growth and income as recent performance has been disappointing. He plans to retire in December next year. Happy to receive advice on a remote basis but they would like an independent advisor.£450
Aged 41 and looking for investment advice. Her and her husband have £100,000 currently in banks and building
societies earning very little interest and they are open to
ideas of different options that may attract a better return.
They would be looking for growth and income. Happy to receive advice on a remote basis and the best time to call is after 5.30pm.
Aged 40 and just inherited in the region of £125,000 from
her parents and is looking for advice on what is best to do
wit the monies. She has never been in this position before
so is open to ideas and suggestions. Happy to receive advice on a remote basis but would like an independent advisor.
Retired couple ages 69 & 74. They have an investment fund of £250,000 on the Novia Platform that is managed by a large wealth management company, they are concerned that their funds have been decreasing a lot over the past 4 years anis due to the high fees they are being charged. They would like to review their funds and change advisors if they can ensure their investments will perform better than currently, looking for maximum capital growth & income, longterm.£350
Aged 55 and employed. She has several frozen pensions with various providers with a combined value in excess of £50,000 and would like to know what is the best way forward in terms of should she leave them as they are, transfer them into one scheme and what are her income options. She also recently lost her mother and when her house sells she will receive in the region of £160,000 so will be looking for investment advice at a later date. She is happy to receive advice on a remote basis.£100
Age 49, he has a frozen money purchase pension scheme from previous employment £70,000 which he would like to review to ensure the scheme is performing as well as possible. He also has a current employers scheme 17 years contributions. He would like discuss contributing more to pension funds possibly £1,000 per month. He is a Software Developer, salary £52,000 pa. Can accept a call this afternoon o Monday.£140
Couple in their mid 50's. They will inherit £100-£200,000 from his Mother-in-Laws estate within the next couple of months and would like advice on how to make the best use of  this money. They already have £100,000 in various ISAs and savings accounts and are open to discussing investments to achieve more capital growth than they are currently getting. They both have pensions in place and would also consider paying more into their pensions. He is a University Professor his wife is self-employed, their household income is £110,000 pa.£350
Age 42, she has £20,000 in a current account earning no
interest and wants advice on savings and investments that
will achieve much better returns, long term 10+ years. She
is also thinking of starting to save £200 per month on a
regular basis & may wish to contribute to a pension. She is
a teacher, salary £28,000 pa. Please call after 3.30pm.
Aged 59 and has various frozen defined contribution pension schemes with various providers, with a combined value in the  region of £350,000. He is looking for advice on the best way forward with these plans in terms of tax efficiency, tax free lump sum options and how best to take future income. The best time to call him is on a Monday or Wednesday evening (Not the 7th) after 6pm. He is happy to receive advice on a remote basis.£450
Age 55, she has £206,000 in various ISAs, bank and building
society accounts earning very little interest. She would
like advice on investments that will achieve more capital
growth than she is currently getting and also thinking of
saving around £500 per month on a regular basis. She is
also open to discussing setting up a personal pension and
the tax benefits associated with doing so. She works in the
Civil Service, salary £79,000 pa and being more tax
efficient with her savings and income is also an important
factor. She is mortgage free. Happy to receive remote
Age 43, he runs a property company and is a property developer and landlord, he owns 10 rental properties and is also building a property in St Lucia which will be worth £400-£500,000 when completed. His residential property is valued at £400,000. He is married with 7 children and wants to ensure that his assets are protected and passed on to his children in the future. He wants to discuss life insurance and possibly trust funds for his children. He has a BT pension, contributed for 10 years and savings in the bank £120,000.£180

5 star Match Rating

5 star Match Rating

Regulated Advice members can build their match rating score in the areas of advice they specialise in. This may help them to receive more direct enquiries through our unique matching rating tool.

Posting case studies will boost your match rating score and your ranking on the site.

Each advisor is assigned two match rating scores, an overall average and a specific match rating score for each area of advice. At present there are 9 areas of advice:

General financial advice
Investments & savings
Pensions & retirement
Final salary pension schemes (min. age 54)
Financial planning
Inheritance tax planning
Insurance & protection
Equity release (min. age 55)

The advisor can also choose to publish case studies privately or publicly and therefore avoid any compliance issues. 

Build your profile

Add a profile picture and provide basic information about you and your company and the services that you offer. Additional unique content can be added by completing the Interview and by publishing your favourite client testimonials without having to wait for a client to post a review.

Build your financial advisor profile - Add a profile picture, write about yourself and your firm, complete an advisor interview and add compliance notes to your profile.

Add case studies - Posting client case studies, will boost your match rating score, potentially increasing the number of direct enquiries you receive.

Testimonials - You can enhance your profile quickly by posting client testimonials yourself (no need to wait for clients to post reviews).

Marketing badges - All 5-star match ratings will be awarded with a marketing badge that can be displayed on your website or email.


How much does it cost?

The Auction Room is free to subscribe with no monthly commitment and zero-rated VAT. You just pay for the leads that you bid on. If you want to have the same telephone qualified leads as the auction Room, but want a constant stream of appointments then the Pro Advisor is the plan for you. Please call 020 3468 4215 for further details.

Auction Room subscription postcodes available for financial advisors

Auction RoomsSubscription Postcodes
ScotlandAB (Aberdeenshire), DD (Angus), DG (Dumfriesshire), EH (Midlothian), FK (Stirlingshire), G (Lanarkshire), HS (Isle of Lewis), IV (lnverness-shire), KA (Ayrshire), KW (Caithness), KY (Fife),  ML (Lanarkshire), PA (Renfrewshire),  PH (Perthshire),  TD (Selkirkshire), ZE (Shetland Islands), 
North EastDH (County Durham), DL (County Durham), NE (Tyne and Wear), SR (Tyne and Wear),  TS (Cleveland)
North WestBB (Lancashire), BL (Lancashire), CA (Cumbria), CH (Cheshire), CW (Cheshire), FY (Lancashire), L (Merseyside), LA (Lancashire), M (Lancashire), OL (Lancashire),  PR (Lancashire), SK (Cheshire), WA (Cheshire),  WN (Lancashire)
Yorkshire & HumbersideBD (West Yorkshire), DN (South Yorkshire),HD (West Yorkshire), HG (North Yorkshire), HU (North Humberside), HX (West Yorkshire), LS (West Yorkshire), S (South Yorkshire), YO (North Yorkshire), WF (West Yorkshire)
East MidlandsDE (Derbyshire), LE (Leicestershire), LN (Lincolnshire), NN (Northamptonshire), NG (Nottinghamshire)
West MidlandsB (West Midlands), CV (West Midlands), DY (West Midlands), HR (Herefordshire), ST (Staffordshire), TF (Shropshire), WR (Worcestershire), WS (West Midlands), WV (West Midlands)
WalesCF (South Glamorgan), LD (Powys), LL (Clwyd), NP (Gwent), SA (West Glamorgan), SY (Shropshire)
East of EnglandAL (Hertfordshire), CB (Cambridgeshire), CM (Essex), CO (Essex), IP (Suffolk), LU (Bedfordshire), NR (Norfolk), PE (Cambridgeshire), SG (Hertfordshire), SS (Essex)
South EastBN (East Sussex), CT (Kent), GU (Surrey),  HP (Hertfordshire), ME (Kent), MK (Buckinghamshire), OX (Oxfordshire), PO (Hampshire & Isle of Wight), RG (Berkshire), RH (Surrey), SL (Buckinghamshire), SO (Hampshire), TN (Kent)
Greater LondonBR (Kent),  CR (Surrey), DA (Kent), E (East London), EC (City of London), EN (Middlesex), HA (Middlesex), IG (Essex), KT (Surrey), N (North London), NW (North West London), RM (Essex), SE (South East London), SM (Surrey), SW (South West London), TW (Middlesex), UB (Middlesex), W (West London), WC (West Central),  WD (Hertfordshire),
South WestBA (Somerset), BH (Dorset), BS (City of Bristol), DT (Dorset), EX (Devon), GL (Gloucestershire),  PL (Devon), SN (Wiltshire), SP (Wiltshire), TA (Somerset), TQ (Devon), TR (Cornwall),
Northern IrelandBT (Northern Ireland)



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