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Age 56, she has a deferred DB pension scheme administered by Mercers, last year's CETV £153,000. She wants to transfer out of the scheme to a personal pension, she is aware of the advantages and disadvantages of transferring out but still wants to transfer. She has just requested a updated CETV. She also wants to start looking at IHT planning in the near future.


Age 57, he has a Final Salary pension with BAE Systems CETV £590,000 and an AVC scheme which is currently £9,732. He is taking voluntary redundancy at the end of June and will receive £30,000 cash and £75,000 that will be paid into his AVC. He does have a financial advisor with a major restricted firm that they are reasonably happy with and they manage their investments £100,000. He wants to discuss his options regarding the Final Salary scheme, he is looking for a second financial advisor opinion before deciding whether to leave the scheme as it is or transfer to a more flexible personal pension.


Age 60, she has a deferred Final Salary scheme £188,000 with Willis Towers Watson and wants to discuss all of the options available to her including possibly transferring to a personal pension drawdown arrangement and the implications of doing that. She has no other pensions. She is a Foster Carer, salary £60,000 pa. She is happy to receive advice remotely.


*** is 60 this year and has a Defined Benefit pension with Barclays with a CETV of £190,000. She has been on sick leave for the last 10 years and needs to make this pension last the rest of her life. She has a partner but no children. she doesn't think the salary being offered will be enough to live on and she thinks she would be better off transferring it. Would like a call Monday afternoon.


Aged 56. She has two defined benefit pensions, one with Credit Suise and the other with JP Morgan with a combined value of £1,000,000 Because she is life limited, she wants to discuss the possibility of transferring the plans into a more flexible scheme.


Is looking to retire in April hopefully and would like to know if he should keep his scheme where it is and what his options are if he does keep it where it is or if he should transfer it out. He has a teachers pension that he has been paying into for 18 years and currently earns £42,000 a year. He gets statements online but none of them give him a CETV value, I worked it out to be around £250,000. He is married and has grown up children.



****** aged 42, has a final salary fire fighter pension for 14 years with a CETV value of £150,000. She is considering moving jobs and transferring out her FS pension and would like some advice. She isn't married and has no children. 


****'s husband is 68 and was a professor at a university. He has a pension in the USS Pension Scheme that started as a Defined Benefit Scheme and then changed into a Defined Contribution Scheme, a majority of the fund is Defined Benefit.  He hit his lifetime allowance 3 years ago, in 2019 - 2020 this was £1.055m. He has paid more into the scheme since. He has multiple options to take the scheme but would like someone to help go over his options.


**** is 59 and looking to retire at 60, he has a final salary pension with Vodafone worth £700,000. He also has a private pension with ReAssure worth £100,000, he wishes to discuss the options available to him.



**** has a Final salary railway pension, he worked for them for 12 years and the pension has a CETV value of £180,000. He also has a navy pension that he paid into for 22 years, he was previously advised to combine both the pensions into a personal pension, but was unsure at the time if it was the right thing to do but now he wants to release some cash from his pot so would like some advice on how to do it. He is single and 56 years old.  


Hi I have been dealing with pensions and divorce for over 10 years now and can easily implement a pension sharing order and help with pension planning going forward.

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