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Age 54, he is looking to set-up an increasing term life insurance policy for himself and his wife. He is thinking of £100,000 - £200,000 of joint cover. He has £17,000 in savings and no pensions in place as he is self-employed. Salary £28,000 pa. He is happy to receive remote advice.


Her and husband are looking for some advice regarding life insurance and potentially getting income protection insurance. She currently has life insurance through her employer worth 4 times her salary of £90,000. She would like to get life insurance for her husband and to ensure her current life insurance is adequate or if she should update it. They have just had a baby so would like to get everything in order. Happy to receive remote advice.


Age 40, she has a life insurance policy with Barclays with £40,000 of cover for £23 per month. She is looking to increase her level of cover up to £100,000. She wants advice on whether it is best to upgrade her existing policy or take out an additional policy. Salary is £36-£40,000 pa. Happy to receive remote advice. Please call after 2pm.


Age 51 & partner 58. She has existing life & critical illness policies with Aviva which she wants to cancel and set up new joint policies. They are looking for £100,000 decreasing term insurance to cover their mortgage and also critical illness cover for both of them, their joint income is £72,000 pa. They are happy to receive remote advice. Please call Monday evening after 6pm when they are both available.


***** works offshore  on the gas rigs, he is looking for life insurance, income protection and critical care insurance. He wants cover for both him and his wife as they have 2 young children. He is 36 years old and his wife is 38. His wife has been refused life insurance previously for her family history of cancer, she is healthy herself. They have only got quotes from big providers so want someone to look around for them. He currently has life insurance with Vitality for £40 a month for just him.


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